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Ruti Sifroni
Contact: , 972-507431003




Ruti Sifroni was born and educated in Tel Aviv, Israel, where she studied voice with the renowned Lola Schantzer and piano and guitar with private teachers and at the Israel Conservatory of Music.

From an early age she displayed a natural talent for the performing arts, writing lyrics and composing music. She participated in the "Habima Youth Circle" and was awarded first prize, presented by the late Shlomo Bertonov.


During her military service Ruti served as Paymaster and Cultural NCO in an Armoured Brigade of the IDF.


After her release from the army, she won first prize in Kol Yisrael's programme "First Applause" and performed at the Mann Auditorium in Tel-Aviv with the Kol Yisrael Orchestra conducted by Shimon Cohen. Following this performance, she received invitations to perform all over Israel.


During this period Ruti continued to write songs and she gave one of them, "Besimla Aduma" (Girl in a Red Dress) to composer Yair Rozenblum who was at the time looking for songs for a new programme of the "Lahakat Ha'Nahal" Troupe. 


The song was one of the Troupe's greatest hits and became an Israeli classic that has been performed in many versions (86 according to the latest ACUM list) of which those from the film "Ha'Lahaka" (The Troupe) and "Dr Kasper's Rabbit Show" are worthy of mention.

Following the resounding success of this song, Ruti Sifroni began to write songs for other artists such as Rika Zarai (recorded in Paris with music by Nahum Heiman), the Parvarim (music Yossi Houry), Edna Lev (music Yair Klinger), Danny Granot and Ahuva Ozeri. At the Children's Song Festival, her song "Dub-Duba" (The Mother Bear's Feast) performed by Miri and Heimon Alegranati won First Prize and "Shir Nolad" (A Song is Born) with music by Martin Moscovitz, won Fourth Prize with the Reim Duo.

Ruti Sifroni recorded two songs, orchestrated and produced by Nurit Hirsch, which enjoyed considerable success: "A Song is Born" (words and music by Ruti Sifroni) and "Lo Zahiti Ba'Or Min Ha'Hefker" (I Didn't Win Light in a Windfall) with words by Haim Nahman Bialik and music by Ruti Sifroni. This song is frequently performed at events in celebration of the national poet.



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