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Representatives of the Ministry of Culture saw Ruti performing at the Omar Khayyam club in Jaffa's old city and decided to send her to represent Israel in Denmark. Following her successful appearances at the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen with Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong and at the "Vice-Versa House", she was also sent to other countries.


Ruti has represented Israel with distinction in many foreign countries under the patronage of the Tourism and Foreign Ministries.


When she arrived in the Far East and following her performances at the Manila Peace Festival in the Philippines where she received the Key to the Capital from the Mayor, she was approached by Radio Hong Kong where she remained for a year and recorded a series of weekly programmes of folk songs during which she played and sang in many languages while accompanying each of the songs with an explanation in English.


Ruti has been singing and performing for many years in Israel and continues to write songs.






In 2008, in collaboration with three friends, Ruti Sifroni published "Negiot", an anthology of poems and prose.


The singer and songwriter Hanan Yovel composed music to one of her poems from the book and introduced her to Yair Shragai (the mythological producer and orchestrator of Shelomo Artzi, Hanan Yovel and Gary Eckstein albums) to work on her new song album.


Ruti Sifroni's first CD, "We Only Have" will be released soon, containing ten of her new songs plus an updated version of "Girl in a Red Dress" by Yair Shragai which transformed the song into a sort of Rock Opera with additional lyrics by Ruti.

The album received support from the Fund for the Encouragement of Musical Creators and their Works under the patronage of ACUM (Authors, Composers and Music Publishers Society).


Ruti Sifroni performs the songs from the new album in her latest show which includes selected readings from poems that she has written during recent years. 




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